La Nueve Playa 99.3 Presents Luis Enrique

Saturday, December 18
Doors | 7pm // Show | 8pm

Luis Enrique

After the success of his most recent record productions, “SOY Y SES, CICLOS y JUKEBOX – this last one nominated to the Latin Grammy in it’s sixteenth annual installment – the nicaraguan singer-songwriter LUIS ENRIQUE continues immersed in his task of creating new proposals for his audience – whom he has affectionately named as his “accomplices” – and for the followers of musical excellence.

And it is that the “comeback” of this artist of the lyrics and the song has placed him again in an important place of Latin American musicIn fact, LUIS ENRIQUE starred in the most impressive return of tropical music of recent times. This was confirmed by the highest and most demanding organizations in the industry, that have already granted him over the years three Latin Grammys, one Grammy, three “Lo Nuestro” awards, four Latin Billboards, two Ronda awards,  as well as the recognition of the Huaco awards, TVyNovelas, Aplausos, ACE y ASCAP.

The artist, moreover, has become a forceful figure in the struggle for the rights of immigrants, participating in forums, conferences and raising a message of openness and collaboration through their social networks, in which he actively participates. He was recently part of the annual conference of the Hispanic Caucus Institute of Congress event in which he had the opportunity to greet President Barack Obama and express their thoughts and concerns with the issue of immigration in the country and urged that a reform similar to the one that granted his citizenship and new beginning in 1986. Luis Enrique spoke about the “Dream Act” and about the importance of immigration reform.

And it is that LUIS ENRIQUE is a living example of the Latin American dream and the effort of the Latin race for better living and working conditions. Originally from the small town of Somoto, in Nicaragua, the artist set out to pursue his musical dream and, thanks to his struggle and talent, he succeeded. The maturity, the experiences, the passion and the desire conspired in CICLOS, 

After becoming the most revolutionary figure in the salsa scene in the 80s, LUIS ENRIQUE went through a period of nine years without recording, although he never left the stage. The maturity, the experiences, the passion and the desire conspired in CICLOS, produced by the renowned Sergio George for the Top Stop Music label, achieving impressive and immediate success not only in the United States, but also in Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean. The theme “Yo no se mañana” captained this musical project that returned LUIS ENRIQUE to a place of preference among the public, colleagues and industry in general. resulting in a masterpiece that consists of 11 themes and a scenario of new sounds interspersed with classical salsa.